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Aug 19, 2013

 Until we meet again

Man today was crazy all my friends are leaving . I cant believe we’re all facing the real world without each other .My friend Marcela left today and my soul sister Fern is leaving on Saturday . Man its so crazy to think I’ve know those girls for about 5 years now . And let me tell you something , theses are the only 2 girls that have been there for me FOR just about everything that has happened in my crazy life. My ups ,my downs and everything . They were there when I was going through a bad day ,through a bad break up , my parents arguing , my sad lonely days, the day I found out I was pregnant , the day I had my son and just practically EVERYTHING .I cant and wont believe I’m going to go through my college life without my camotes. I love them so much I just hope we stay as close as we were . image

Aug 12, 2013

 Its crazy how one person can change every little thing about you . How one simple kiss can make your stomach tingle and how 3 little words can make your heart melt . Crazy how all these things he seems to do to me . He makes me feel alive and special . I have my flaws and all but he has accepted them all . He drives me insane sometimes ,but I know I cant live without him . He’s my crazy best friend and my baby’s father . We’ve only been together for 2 years and yes we have a son  .image

I just didn’t think my life with him would have been this complicated . We have the craziest arguments the most annoying conversations and still to this day we are trying to figure shit out . We have our ups and downs as a couple but as a family we try to keep it ok . We don’t ever want to lose this amazing little family we have built as a couple . Some day If we are still a united family we want to have more little babies. I really do pray and hope that we stay a family and that every little or big obstacle that blocks our path ,we some how over come it and become stronger . I love Jose and my son very much . I cant bare the thought of losing them both .

Aug 10, 2013

Never would have thought .

18 with a baby boy Ivan Alexander . I didn’t think my life would go this way . I never thought I would ever be a teen mom . I imagined my life so different . I have to take life as it is now though, even though its still feels like an insane dream come true . Not that I’m not happy ,but some days I wish I could sleep and never wake up . My life’s completely different . I don’t do what I used to . My mentality is so different compared to how it was before I was pregnant . No one knows how it is or how I feel as a person . This is a place where I can release how I feel with no one being able to contradict anything or even having the ability of telling me I’m this I’m that, a place where I cant be wrong . Life’s stress after stress . All I’m trying to do is what’s best and I just feel like that’s not enough for anyone . I know I shouldn’t do what anyone else says but I just cant seem to ignore everyone else’s negativity or bad vibes .At this point I cant decide what makes ME happy or EVERYONE else happy .